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The Kuvasz has a nice temperament and that's why he makes a lively impression to all people around him. Because of his large and self-assured appearance he will always impress and most of the time only his presence will be enough to make way layers think different.
The Kuvasz has a special behaviour regarding his own territory and that's why he is such a good guard dog.


Because you show in the visitors yourself and because you are the leader, the Kuvasz will accept the visitors, although some dogs have an aversion towards some persons. There can be a good bond between you and your dog as long as you do not treat him as a slave.
He has to stay the way he is, fearless and courageous. The Kuvasz looks very friendly, but he is very efficient. Most of the times he will give a warning, but when necessary, he will interfere.

This behaviour also has some disadvantages. He will not always listen to the commands, which can be very annoying.

He will misjudge the correctness of the commands and come only at the time he judges the best. He has a very good behaviour towards children and will always protect them. For those people who can create a close bond with their dog, this will undoubtedly result in:


Once a Kuvasz, always a Kuvasz.


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