Our puppies.

Our litters.


Our kennel.


Our kennel is called Egymásra Találtunk. This is Hungarian and means: 'we have found each other'. Our first Kuvasz came into our house

in December 1982. This was a female, imported from Germany. Her name: Csárda Ferencá vom Rangenhügel.


Csárda is the mother of our A-litter. With her daughter Asszony we have bred our B- and C-litter.


From this C-litter we have kept Csitri. Unfortunately Csitri never had puppies.


In 1996 we imported a grown-up female from Sweden.

Her name: Trevnadens Falca. She was free of HD and already Swedish Champion. Breeder: Ann-Marie van Eijsbergen.

Falca is the mother of our D- and E-litter. With her daughter Dévaj we have bred our F-litter.


In 1998 we bought a puppy from Frank and Lizet Ackermans: Bájdús Alom A Gazdaság Ról.

Unfortunately we had to have an operation with Bájdús, after she was mated for the first time. Her heavily inflamed uterus had to

be removed.


Now we had only one breeding bitch left, Dévaj. Unfortunately Dévaj died in November 2002, suffering from liver cirrhosis.


At this time we had no breeding bitches left. That's why we decided at the end of 2002 to import a daughter of our Djafa from Belgium,

Gyöngy (Bogyongy van de Windschoof) and in 2004 a daughter of our Fajka, Drusya Északi Irányban, also from Belgium.


Drusya is the mother of our G- and H-litter. With her daughter Galuska we have bred our I- and J- litter.


A number of dogs, bred by us, have been awarded with different titles. Within each of our first four litters we had a World-Champion,

a Dutch Champion and an International Champion. Within each of our first three litters we had a winner of the Dutch Specialty.

Our puppies gathered a lot of titles, including 13 International Champions, 12 Dutch Champions, 5 German Champions, 8 Belgian Champions,

8 Luxemburg Champions, 3 Swedish Champions.


We have been certified twice by the Dutch kennel Club. This was the result of education regarding the knowledge of reproduction,

genetics, anatomy, physiology, cytology, feeding, behaviour, movements, dog breeds.


In 2018 we have been honoured by the Dutch Kennel Club with the Golden Medal of Honour. This medal may be awarded, when next situations occur (text by Dutch Kennel Club):

At least 30 years of breeding with a demonstrable, valuable contribution to the improvement of the breed in the Netherlands (registered kennel within the Dutch Kennel Club); with a result of a significant number of Dutch and International Champions. Also having performed an important contribution to the improvement of the breed, both nationally and internationally.


Egymásra Találtunk - Our kennel