Egymásra Találtunk - Our puppies







When our puppies leave for their new homes, we want them to be as complete as possible. Socialized, healthy and ready for the first period with the new owner. So, there is no need for the new owner to worry about food, collar and leash.


The new owners of our puppies will receive:


1. collar and leash for a puppy

2. food and chewing material for 7 - 10 days

3. vaccination passport

4. rag to be used in the bench, so the pup can smell his mother

5. pedigree (in case already issued by the Kennel Club)


Socialization and health.


These are the two most important issues for a normal and healthy life of a dog. So, it's clear, that we spend a lot of time and pay much attention on both matters.

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The puppies may be drawn away from the moment they have reached the age of nine weeks.